Pineapple Paws


Price shown:     10 oz. bag,  medium size treats

This creative recipe features a smooth mix of Oats, Pineapple and Unsweetened Applesauce. A mellow taste, texture and aroma.

Ingredients: Oats, Unsweetened Applesauce, Pineapple, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Potassium Sorbate

Guaranteed Crude Analysis:  Protein 10.73%, Fiber 3.3%, Fat 6.52%, Moisture 21.52%

Please choose treats size: Small=Yorkies and miniature breeds Medium=Labs and most all breeds Large= Great Danes and other very large dogs

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Introduced in April 2018, this unique recipe remains in our current menu of treats. Seems there are some very lucky dogs out there!

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