Custom Recipe. Initial Six Month Subscription.

From $108.06

Note: This price includes a six month subscription for your custom recipe and the one time test kitchen and laboratory testing fee of $85. Afterwards, your custom recipe becomes available for any size, any amount, soft or crunchy, at the standard prices. Read the Custom Treats Page to learn more!

For many different dogs, having a custom baked dog treat just makes sense. Unlike industrial processed treats made with by-products, Plaid Pennie uses real foods like chicken breast, steak , oats and cheddar cheese. Tell us about your dog’s individual needs,  and let us help you decide on a recipe that fits. Isn’t that a better idea?

This price includes the kitchen and laboratory testing fee. We pick up the first month postage! The no hassle USPS Best Rate is applied at checkout.

See “Custom Dog Treats” for more info.

Suggested treat sizes: (all sizes approx 120 ct.)

Small=Yorkies and miniature breeds

Medium=Labs and most all breeds

Large= Great Danes and very large dogs