Custom Recipe. Initial Six Month Subscription.


Price shown for 10 oz. bags of medium size treats


Note: This price includes a six month subscription for your custom recipe and the one time test kitchen and laboratory testing fee of $85. Afterwards, your custom recipe becomes available for the standard prices. Read the Custom Treats Page to learn more!

For many different dogs, having a custom baked dog treat just makes sense. Unlike industrial processed treats made with by-products, Plaid Pennie uses real foods like chicken breast, steak , oats and cheddar cheese. Tell us about your dog’s individual needs,  and let us help you decide on a recipe that fits. Isn’t that a better idea?

This price includes the kitchen and laboratory testing fee.

See “Custom Dog Treats” for more info.

Please choose treats size: Small=Yorkies and minature breeds Medium=Labs and most all breeds Large= Great Danes and other very large dogs

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Your dog’s own special custom recipe, made the way you want them, baked and delivered fresh every month. Isn’t that a better idea?


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