Freshness Plan

All those who bake and sell natural food dog treats must deal responsibly with possible shelf life issues. At Plaid Pennie, we do not use by-products or fillers, only real ingredients. We want our customers to know about our 10 point freshness plan and to trust the recommended “best by” date of 35 days after opening. We commit to follow this plan in all that we do, to ensure that the customer always receives the freshest baked treats.

We commit to use only fresh, wholesome, natural ingredients.

As soon as possible after cooling, all treats shall be vacuum packed for freshness.

All treats shall be packed with a silica gel desiccant pack.

All treats are recommended for refrigeration upon opening. Storage in the cloth bag with the desiccant pack in the fridge is the best method to preserve the freshness we intended!

Plaid Pennie treats plainly display the “born on” date on each label. The recommended “best by” date is thirty five days after opening of vacuum package.

Treats with high moisture ingredients shall have moisture reduced by dehydration.

All treats shall include Vitamin E as the primary preservative

Treats including fruit products shall also contain Vitamin C.

Treats with high fat ingredients shall also contain almond oil.

As a precaution, (in case of mishandling during shipping) all treats shall contain a fractional amount of dog-safe potassium sorbate to retard spoilage. {established by US FDA as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe)} for more info see:

Plaid Pennie strives to bake and sell wholesome dog treats because our customer’s dogs deserves the best. We seek to balance the desire for freshness with the limitations of using real ingredients.