Our Treats

Bacon and Egg Bites

Real honest to goodness bacon. Real whole eggs

Ginger Snaps

Skillfully crafted adaptation of a classic. Dog tasted and Lab Tested

Chicken Cheddar Charms

Just like it says...Chicken, Cheddar, Charming

Banana Peanut Butter Morsels

Simple Ingredients, Outstanding Taste

Goat Cheese Basil Bites

Unique treat, cult like following

Green Bean Dreams

So good, they write songs about it. (check out dog funnies)

Kate's Cookies

Originally a custom treat for Kate, a retired racing Whippet

Kirby Cakes

Made with Kirby in mind, a faithful service dog.

Cranberry Crumpets

Sweet Potato and Cranberry. A Thanksgiving favorite.

Maple Waffles

They smell exactly like waffles...really

Nacho Everyday Treats

Cheddar Cheese treats, named by Peter and Piper's mom

Peanut Butter Love Bites

Our best-seller.

Peppermint Mocha Brownie Bites

Great for doggie breath

Pineapple Paws

Mild for ticklish tummies

Straw Babies

A Valentine treat. Just think chocolate covered strawberries, without the chocolate. Strawberry and carob mocha batter.

Trainer's Treats

Created for trainer's as an absolutely irresistible motivation tool. Peanut butter, chicken breast, cheddar cheese.