Custom Form

To get the perfect results (to please a picky pooch) it takes some kitchen trials and learning on our part, and that is something we are pleased to be able to do for you! 

Besides test kitchen time, also included in your initial custom order price is laboratory testing time to determine fiber, protein, fat, moisture and calorie content of your dog’s custom recipe. We also include treat size and texture adjustments during your six month subscription. 


Small Treats, custom, initial, six month subscription $108.06

Medium Treats, custom, initial, six month subscription $119.29

Large Treats, custom, initial, six month subscription $193.32

That’s all it takes to receive vacuum packed, professionally baked custom recipe dog treats every month for six months.

You pay only the standard price on any future orders, however there are no further commitments.

We will name the recipe after your dog and feature your dog’s picture on our website. To begin the process,  just fill out the custom recipe form below and we’ll take it from there.

Visit the store and see our current creations for ideas!