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Ask the Dog Treat Dude

A frequent customer recently asked me to help answer some dog treat questions, and they really appreciated getting solid information. Then they suggested I open it up for others, so here goes. Enclosed below are selected highlights from the thousands of bizarre inquiries and hate mail we receive on a timely basis. Just leave your question in the comment section, and I’ll try and answer as quick as I can.

2 thoughts on “Ask the Dog Treat Dude

  1. Dear Dog Treat Dude,
    I have recently been charged with taking care of the neighbor’s dog, and I don’t think he (or she..I don’t really know, I’m not much of a dog person ) likes me. The dog just snarls and snaps when I get close. When my neighbor left he (or she..I don’t really know, I’m not much of a people person ) they left food that I drop while running past the dog. This seems to work well, as both myself and the dog are still alive. I am wondering if offering “dog treats” will help. 
    Treatless in Toronto

  2. Dear Treatless,
    I don’t mean to be a bummer, but you have bigger problems to think about than offering dog treats. For your first problem, to determine the dog’s gender, just grab the dog by the back legs, spread them firmly and examine the area. Generally, a lack of significant findings means it’s a female. For the second problem, next time you see the neighbor, just wrestle them down and use the above method. When you get out of the hospital and the jail, write us again and we’ll gladly send you a bag of Trainer’s Treats.
    Best of luck.

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