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“These are great – honestly. A hit all around.”

“I like the simple ingredient list …air tight packaging …as well.”

“Not to mention the dogs were drooling for more!”

“…this recipe hits the spot.”

Samantha Lundquist
Assistant Manager, Behavior & Training Department
Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA
San Mateo CA. and Burlingame CA.

” If you’re on the hunt for a fun new treat that’s pretty darn unique, check out Plaid Pennie!”

“I really love the Plaid Pennie Trainer’s Treats…”

“Plaid Pennie packaging is a delight to open…speaks volumes to the quality of the product.”

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“Teton loves them and I think they’re great as well.”

“I love your spread of flavors and your business model and transparency with your customers.”

“These treats are wonderful! I can smell the chicken and the peanut butter and see the oats!”

Shannon O’Neal

State of Washington

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We continue to get great comments about our canine humor social media posts, so you have forced us to put together Volume 2 of “Dog Funnies”. You couldn’t just leave well enough alone, could you. You will find newly selected material from our Facebook and Instagram feeds (no pun intended) under the Fun Stuff heading. …

Custom Dog Treats

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Looking for a good reason to microchip your pet? Perhaps reading this dated but relevant article from Scientific American and you’ll have your reason.  So here are all your microchip questions answered.  AVMA article  You’ll feel much better, your pup will be protected and that’s win-win. E-mail us with your microchip database registration coversheet and we’ll send you …

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